Early December in Levi

If you're looking for a unique winter experience, Levi in Lapland is the perfect destination for your next December getaway. Located in the Arctic Circle, this destination offers a wide range of outdoor activities in an unparalleled natural beauty setting. Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Finnish Lapland? Join us to discover all that Levi has to offer during the December break!

Approximate price per family:
4240 $

Levi in Lapland is a dream destination for winter lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. This beautiful village is located in the Kittilä region in northern Finland and is surrounded by snowy mountains and forests, giving it a special charm. During the December holiday season, Levi becomes a particularly attractive destination for tourists as various activities and events are organized to celebrate the arrival of the winter season. One of the main attractions in Levi is its ski resort, which offers a wide variety of slopes for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. Additionally, there is a 1.2 km long toboggan run and a snow park for the little ones. But Levi is not just about skiing; you can also enjoy other activities such as reindeer or husky sleigh rides, snowmobile excursions, ice fishing, and, of course, Northern Lights sightings. Take advantage of these two departures: December 2nd from Seville and December 6th from Bilbao on a direct flight.

levi puente de diciembre viajar a Laponia

Day 1. Spain | Kittilä | Levi

At the specified time, meet at Seville/Bilbao airport with the assistance of our staff for the check-in of the direct flight to Kittilä, Finland. Your journey to Lapland begins here! Lunch will be served on board. Upon arrival at Kittilä airport, you will be greeted and transferred to Levi, the main town in the area. After a roughly 15-minute journey, you will arrive at this white paradise. Levi is one of the largest ski resorts in Finland and one of the liveliest towns in all of Lapland. It is located in a pristine and spectacular natural environment in the northwest of Lapland, near the border with Sweden. This latitude is ideal for Northern Lights sightings. Levi offers many restaurants and places to enjoy dinners and meals at your leisure. It also has numerous shops and places to stroll around and do some shopping. Dinner is not included, and you are free to choose where to dine. Accommodation will be provided in the chosen apartment.

levi puente de diciembre viajar a Laponia

Day 2. Levi - Husky Safari

After spending our first night in Lapland and having a necessary breakfast in our apartment, we will meet at the agreed time at the local safari house. Today, one of the activities that will leave a lasting memory will take place: a husky sleigh ride. We will be transferred to the Husky farm to learn more about the life of these noble animals in Lapland. While most of the dogs are of the Husky breed, other breeds are also trained to pull sleds, which they do with great enthusiasm. When the time comes, after receiving safety advice to fully enjoy the experience, we will become skilled mushers of an authentic husky sleigh. Driving a husky sleigh through the snowy forests is truly one of the best experiences one can have on a trip to Lapland. Afterward, we will enjoy a light lunch in a wooden Kota. Following a day of new experiences, we will return to our accommodation where we can rest. Free time in Levi. Dinner is not included, and you are free to choose where to dine. Accommodation will be provided.

Day 3. Levi - Visit to Santa Claus

We continue to enjoy the destination and unique activities. Today, one of the highlights of the trip awaits us, eagerly anticipated by both the little ones and the not-so-little ones. We will be transferred to a unique location in the middle of the forest, where Santa's elves will greet us in a magical setting. We will enjoy a variety of fun activities for the whole family, such as decorating a typical gingerbread cookie, making Christmas ornaments, sledding, and snowball target shooting. And, of course, we will have the chance to meet the most beloved and well-known character in Lapland, Santa Claus himself. We will have time to chat with him, take photos, and deliver our letters. Accompanied by the elves, we will conclude a delightful morning. We will return to our accommodation, and the rest of the afternoon will be free. Lunch and dinner are not included, and you are free to choose where to dine. Accommodation will be provided.

Day 4. Levi - Snowmobile Safari and Reindeer Farm Visit

At the agreed time, we will meet at the local safari house, where we will be equipped with helmets, gloves, and balaclavas to begin our snowmobile safari. After receiving driving instructions and safety guidelines, we can start our snowmobile excursion. Adults will drive the snowmobiles (2 persons per snowmobile), while children will ride in a sled pulled by the guide's snowmobile. This experience will introduce you to the unforgettable Lapland nature as you traverse snowy forests and frozen lakes. You will ride snowmobiles along marked trails, always accompanied by your guide. At the halfway point, you will have the opportunity to switch drivers. After this adventure, we will enjoy a light lunch to recharge and continue with our visit to a reindeer farm, where you will experience the authentic Lapland atmosphere. Reindeer herding has been an important activity in the development of Lapland. Reindeer are semi-wild animals that live freely in the forests of Lapland. A couple of times a year, they are gathered for sorting and counting. At the farm, the reindeer herder will have carefully selected a group of trained reindeer for sleigh rides. Once you settle into the sleigh, the reindeer will take you for a ride. We will then return to our accommodation and have free time. Dinner is not included, and you are free to choose where to dine. Accommodation will be provided.

levi puente de diciembre viajar a Laponia

Day 5. Levi | Kittilä | Spain

Last day in Lapland. You will have some time to enjoy a few last activities of our trip to Lapland before heading to the airport for the return flight, such as skiing at the nearby alpine ski resort or simply sledding to make the most of this final morning. At the scheduled time, we will depart for Kittilä airport to complete the check-in procedures for our direct flight back to Spain. During the flight, we will enjoy a snack-dinner on board with a drink included. Arrival and end of the journey.

levi puente de diciembre viajar a Laponia

The Sami culture is another great attraction in Levi. The Sami people are the indigenous inhabitants of Finnish Lapland, and in Levi, you can get to know their way of life and customs. One of the places you shouldn't miss is Samiland, a theme park that will teach you everything about Sami culture and traditions. You can also visit the reindeer farm in Sirkka, where you'll learn about the breeding and care of these animals and have the opportunity to enjoy a reindeer-drawn sleigh ride. When it comes to gastronomy, Levi offers a wide range of restaurants where you can taste typical dishes of the region, such as smoked salmon, reindeer, and lingonberries, among others. Additionally, the village also has shops and boutiques where you can buy local souvenirs and handicrafts.

Levi en Laponia es un destino de ensueño para los amantes del invierno y las actividades al aire libre. Este hermoso pueblo está ubicado en la región de Kittilä, en el norte de Finlandia, y se encuentra rodeado de montañas y bosques nevados que le dan un encanto especial. Durante el puente de diciembre, Levi se convierte en un destino especialmente atractivo para los turistas, ya que se organizan diversas actividades y eventos para celebrar la llegada de la temporada invernal. Una de las principales atracciones de Levi es su estación de esquí, que cuenta con una amplia variedad de pistas para esquiadores y snowboarders de todos los niveles. Además, también hay una pista de trineo de 1,2 km de longitud y un parque de nieve para los más pequeños. Pero Levi no es solo esquí, también puedes disfrutar de otras actividades como paseos en trineo tirado por renos o huskies, excursiones en motos de nieve, pesca en hielo, y, por supuesto, avistamiento de auroras boreales. Aprovecha estas dos salidas: 2 de diciembre desde Sevilla y 6 de diciembre desde Bilbao en vuelo directo.

levi puente de diciembre viajar a Laponia

Día 1. España | Kittilä | Levi

A la hora indicada presentación en aeropuerto de Sevilla/Bilbao con la asistencia de nuestro personal para la facturación del vuelo directo con destino a Kittilä (Finlandia). ¡Iniciáis aquí vuestro viaje a Laponia! Almuerzo a bordo. Llegada al aeropuerto de Kittilä. Asistencia y traslado en dirección a Levi, la principal población de la zona. Tras unos 15 minutos de trayecto (aprox.) llegada a este paraíso blanco. Levi, una de las mayores estaciones de esquí de Finlandia y uno de los pueblos más animados de toda Laponia, está situado en un entorno natural virgen y espectacular al noroeste de Laponia, cerca de la frontera con Suecia. Esta latitud es ideal para el avistamiento de auroras boreales. Levi dispone de muchos restaurantes y lugares donde disfrutar de cenas y comidas a vuestro aire. Además tiene muchas tiendas y lugares donde entretenerse paseando y realizando compras. Cena libre. Alojamiento en el apartamento elegido.

levi puente de diciembre viajar a Laponia

Día 2. Levi - Safari con huskies

Hemos pasado nuestra primera noche en Laponia y después de tomar un necesario desayuno en nuestro apartamento, presentación a la hora acordada en la casa de safaris local. Hoy tendrá lugar una de las actividades que más tiempo perdurarán en nuestra memoria; un paseo en trineo de perros. Para ello nos trasladaremos hasta la granja de Huskies, para conocer más en detalle cómo es la vida en Laponia de estos nobles animales. Aunque la mayoría de los perros son de esta raza también se pueden encontrar otras expertas y entrenadas para tirar de los trineos, cosa que hacen con mucho gusto. Llegado el momento, y tras recibir los consejos para disfrutar de la experiencia de una manera segura, nos convertiremos en magistrales mushers de un auténtico trineo de perros huskies. Desde luego, conducir un trineo de huskies por los bosques nevados es una de las mejores experiencias que se pueden tener en un viaje a Laponia. A continuación disfrutaremos de un almuerzo ligero en una Kota de madera. Tras una jornada de nuevas experiencias, regresaremos a nuestro alojamiento donde podremos descansar. Tiempo libre en Levi. Cena libre. Alojamiento.

Día 3. Levi - Visita a Santa Claus

Seguimos disfrutando del destino y actividades únicas. Hoy nos espera uno de los grandes momentos del viaje que los más pequeños y los que no lo son tanto estamos esperando… Nos trasladaremos a un lugar único en mitad del bosque, donde nos recibirán los elfos de Santa en un entorno mágico. Disfrutaremos de una variedad de divertidas actividades para toda la familia, tales como decorar un típico pan de jengibre, hacer adornos navideños, tirarse en trineo o lanzar al blanco con bolas de nieve. Y, cómo no, conocer al personaje más querido y conocido de Laponia, el mismísimo Santa Claus. Tendremos tiempo para charlar con él, hacernos fotos y entregarle nuestra carta. Acompañados de los Elfos, pondremos fin a una mañana de lo mas divertida. Regreso a nuestro alojamiento y resto de la tarde libre. Almuerzo y cena libre Alojamiento.

Día 4. Levi -  Safari en motos de nieve y visita a granja de renos

A la hora acordada, presentación en la casa de safaris local donde nos equiparemos con cascos, guantes y pasamontañas para iniciar el safari en moto de nieve. Tras recibir las instrucciones de conducción y normas de seguridad podremos dar comienzo a la excursión en motos de nieve. Los adultos conducen las motos (2 personas por moto) y los niños viajan en un trineo que arrastra la motonieve del guía. Esta experiencia te presenta la inolvidable naturaleza lapona mientras recorres bosques nevados y lagos helados. Realizareis un recorrido en moto de nieve por los caminos marcados siempre en compañía de vuestro guía. A mitad de camino tendréis la oportunidad de cambiar de conductor. Tras esta aventura disfrutaremos de un almuerzo ligero para reponer fuerzas y continuar con nuestra visita a una granja de renos, donde sentiremos la auténtica atmósfera lapona. La cría del reno ha sido una actividad importante en el desarrollo de Laponia. Los renos son animales semisalvajes: viven en libertad en los bosques de Laponia. Un par de veces al año se les junta para clasificarlos y contarlos. En la granja, el pastor de renos habrá seleccionado cuidadosamente un grupo de renos entrenados para el trineo. Cuando te acomodes en el trineo, los renos te llevarán a dar un paseo. Regreso y tiempo libre. Cena libre. Alojamiento.

levi puente de diciembre viajar a Laponia

Día 5. Levi | Kittilä | España

Último día en tierras laponas. Último día en tierras laponas. Os quedará tiempo de realizar algunas últimas actividades de nuestro viaje a Laponia, antes de emprender el camino al aeropuerto para el vuelo de regreso, como por ejemplo esquiar en la cercana estación de esquí alpino o simplemente deslizaros en trineos de nieve para aprovechar esta última mañana. A la hora indicada saldremos hacia el aeropuerto de Kittilä para realizar los trámites de facturación de nuestro vuelo directo con destino a España. Durante el vuelo disfrutaremos de una merienda-cena a bordo con bebida incluida. Llegada y fin del viaje.

levi puente de diciembre viajar a Laponia

La cultura sami es otra de las grandes atracciones de Levi. Los samis son los habitantes indígenas de la Laponia finlandesa, y en Levi podrás conocer su estilo de vida y costumbres. Uno de los lugares que no te puedes perder es el Samiland, un parque temático que te enseñará todo sobre la cultura sami y sus tradiciones. También puedes visitar la granja de renos de Sirkka, donde aprenderás sobre la cría y cuidado de estos animales, y podrás disfrutar de un paseo en trineo tirado por ellos. En cuanto a la gastronomía, Levi cuenta con una amplia oferta de restaurantes que te permitirán degustar platos típicos de la zona, como el salmón ahumado, el reno, y los arándanos, entre otros. Además, el pueblo también cuenta con tiendas y boutiques donde podrás adquirir souvenirs y artesanías locales.

Apartment 5B2 (2 bedrooms): approx 63 m²

This apartment, built in 2005, offers 63m² of space spread over two floors. It features 2 bedrooms with two single beds in each and a sofa bed. There is 1 full bathroom and a toilet on the ground floor. The apartment includes a small kitchen equipped with an oven, microwave, coffee maker, kettle, toaster, refrigerator, etc. Additionally, after a tiring day, you can relax in its sauna. It is located in the heart of Levi, just 100 meters from the ski slope. Internet connection is available.

Studio Apartment (approx 28 m²)

This cozy studio apartment, built in 2020, offers all the necessary amenities for a perfect stay in Levi. It has 28m² of space with 2 single beds and a sofa bed. There is a full bathroom, sauna, and a kitchen equipped with an oven, microwave, coffee maker, kettle, toaster, refrigerator, washing machine, etc. Internet connection is available.

Superior Apartment (approx 54 m²)

The Superior Apartment, built in 2020, offers 54m² of space and features 2 bedrooms with two single beds in each, a living room with a sofa bed, and a full bathroom with an electric sauna. The kitchen is fully equipped with an oven, dishwasher, microwave, coffee maker, kettle, toaster, refrigerator, etc. Internet connection is available.

Suite Apartment (approx 44 m²)

This Nordic-style apartment, located in the center of Levi, has 44m² of space and is divided into a bedroom, a living room with a kitchen, and a full bathroom with an electric sauna. It has two single beds in the bedroom and a sofa bed in the living room. The kitchen is fully equipped with a ceramic hob, oven, dishwasher, microwave, coffee maker, kettle, toaster, fridge, etc. The apartment has Wi-Fi.

Apartment A1 / A2 (approx 81 m²)

This Alpine-style apartment offers 81m² of space spread over two floors. It has 6 single beds and 2 sofa beds in 1 bedroom and an alcove without a window on the first floor, and an open alcove on the ground floor. There are two toilets and an electric sauna. The kitchen is equipped with a ceramic hob, oven, dishwasher, microwave, coffee maker, kettle, toaster, etc. Additionally, there is a fireplace and internet connection available.

Apartment A4 (approx 72 m²)

This apartment offers 72m² of space spread over two floors, featuring 1 bedroom and an alcove without a window. It has 4 single beds and 2 sofa beds, a bathroom, and an electric sauna. The kitchen is fully equipped with a ceramic hob, dishwasher, oven, microwave, coffee maker, kettle, toaster, fridge, etc. Additionally, there is an internet connection available.

Program from December 02 to 06, 2023 - Departure from Seville
Family Price
1 adult + 1 child $4240
1 adult + 2 children $6080
2 adults $4370
2 adults + 1 child $6195
2 adults + 2 children $7995
Program from December 06 to 10, 2023 - Departure from Bilbao
Family Price
1 adult + 1 child $4425
1 adult + 2 children $6355
2 adults $4555
2 adults + 1 child $6485
2 adults + 2 children $8395
Conditions of Cancelation
until August 31, $100 per person 
from September 1 to September 30, 15%
from October 1 to October 31, 25%
from November 1 to 22 days before, 50%
from 21 days to 8 days before, 75%
less than 7 days before the trip, 100%
Contact us for more information
This gran experience includes
Direct flight from Seville/Bilbao
Lunch on board
English and Spanish-speaking escort guide during the trip
All transfers
Thermal suit throughout the stay
Includes boots and thermal jumpsuit
Snowmobile helmet and gloves
4 nights apartment Levi
1 catered breakfast in the apartment
2 light lunches during the activities as per itinerary
Excursions and activities according to itinerary
Visit Santa Claus and his elves with Christmas activities
Husky sleigh ride
Reindeer sleigh ride
Snowmobile safari
Necessary material for activities
Complete travel documentation
Travel assistance insurance
Airport taxes
SCIL® experience
Welcome gift pack
1 pair of thermal socks
Balaclava hat
Flight schedule (local hours) - Departure from Seville on December 2
12/02  Sevilla – Kittilä 11.00 – 17.15 h
12/06  Kittilä – Sevilla 15.15 – 19.35 h
Flight schedule (local hours) - Departure from Bilbao on December 6
12/06  Bilbao – Kittilä 09.00 – 14.25 h
12/10  Kittilä – Bilbao 16.00 – 19.30 h


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