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From #SCIL we are proud of our code of ethics and our set of organizational conduct principles. This code of ethics regulates decision making and behavior, including employer-employee relations within Santa Claus in Lapland, discrimination, environmental issues, bribery, insider trading, and social responsibility in trips to Lapland. We provide our team with guidelines to make ethical decisions in carrying out their work, with the competition within the trips to Lapland with children sector, the relationship with other people, collaborating companies and organizations.

SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC trusts in an exemplary conduct of both the people and the entities directly linked and that respond and adapt, in addition to current legislation, to the highest ethical principles and social responsibility. SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC organizes trips to Lapland and its main activity is the provision of travel agency services, mainly aimed at traveling to Lapland with children. We have an ethical code that constitutes an express declaration of the values, principles and guidelines of conduct that must guide the behavior of all the people linked to in the progress of their professional activity.

This code contains a compilation of the guiding principles and rules governing the behavior of SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC and of all the people that make up the framework of its business activity and the relationships that, as a result of that activity, they maintain between themselves or with third parties, all with the result that their behavior not only conforms to current legislation, but also meets demanding standards of professionalism, honesty and sense of responsibility.

In this title, the collective diligence of the commitments of SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC is endorsed, the safe compliance with current legislation, human and labor rights and the integration of the entire group of people, with their complexity and diversity, in the corporate culture. This Code, which aims to share with all stakeholders the corporate values that are part of the business culture, the purpose of which is to amplify the models and guidelines of professional, ethical and responsible behavior that must govern all the people who make up our team in the execution of its activity, warn of the commission of criminal behaviors and any illegal behaviors by the persons bound by this Code in the performance of their professional activity and finally institute the search and control mechanisms necessary to guarantee its compliance and is applicable at all levels of the corporation. This includes the administrative bodies, the management positions, the inspection bodies and all the personnel regardless of their geographical location or functional dependency. Likewise, external services and/or suppliers should apply the measures established in this Code of Ethics in their relations with so that the procedures they carry out adhere to strict compliance with the content.

SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC has assumed as its own the main standards and reputed models of business conduct. The combination of these principles of ethical and responsible action responds to a policy of improvement and the will to strengthen in this way a responsible management model that contributes to the common good, especially in the field of trips to Lapland with children.

With the aim of designing, executing and managing our services efficiently and sustainably to meet the needs and expectations of all customers, we act in pursuit of progress and goal achievement, with the aim of making our company a benchmark in profitability and competitiveness. We want to be recognized for honest and upright conduct, worthy of the trust of our employees, customers and suppliers. Our vocation of service will allow us to work relentlessly for our clients. We favor diversity, promote professional growth, and recognize merit and creativity as a stimulus to productivity and progress. We are aware of the value that our services bring to society and we are committed to the protection of the natural environment, the development and well-being of the communities in which we operate. We are experts in trips to Lapland since 2008. You are our protagonist., which mainly offers holidays to Lapland, must comply precisely with the laws and contracts and the obligations derived from them, as well as with good uses and commercial practices. SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC and all those who make up our team must accept the commitment to carry out their activities in accordance with current legislation and internal regulations, without exceptions. Ethical conduct will always be observed, avoiding any action that may go against the applicable regulations, damage the reputation of the company, internal operation, or its public image.

SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC is committed to respecting and safeguarding Human Rights and expresses its obligation to act decisively in favor of the defense of human rights contained in the «International Bill of Human Rights», and to ensure that it is responsible, by action or omission, in any way, of violation of those rights. It is important to emphasize that our company is committed to respecting internationally recognized human rights, which include the rights established in the International Bill of Human Rights and the principles related to the rights established in the International Labor Declaration (ILO) regarding the Principles and Fundamental Rights at Work and the eight agreements that develop them, as well as the documents or texts that can replace, complete or improve the first mentioned., are specialists in family travel and for this reason, has a social responsibility and expresses its commitment to the progress and well-being of the communities with which they relate, including employees, customers, suppliers, partners and other interest groups. Making donations to entities or organizations whose activities may incite violence or illegal behavior, encourage dangerous practices, suggest circumstances of discrimination, violate the dignity of the person or, in general, violate the prevailing ethical criteria and social decorum, as well as against moral customs.

This company is firmly committed to caring for and respecting the environment in the daily exercise of its activities. For this reason, the necessary measures will be adopted to direct its activities in such a way that negative environmental impacts are minimized and a high level of safety is achieved in its processes, facilities and services. Paying special attention to the protection of its employees, suppliers, customers and environment. It must strictly comply with the environmental legislation that is applicable to the business activities that it develops. Likewise, those responsible for relations with external contractors or collaborating companies will transmit to them the need to align with these principles and will require them to comply with the applicable environmental procedures and requirements in each case.

All non-public information owned or guarded by SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC is considered reserved and confidential. Therefore, all staff, directors, administrators and/or professionals will be obliged to keep the strictest confidentiality of the information they access as a result of the performance of their professional activity, without its content being provided to third parties, unless expressly authorized by the person responsible for our team.

SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC has specialized in trips to Lapland since 2008, and complies with current legislation on data protection and has established procedures and measures to protect confidentiality and guarantee the correct use of information relating to identified or identifiable persons (i.e., name, surnames, age, health data, image, sound, economic data, etc.). must always respect data protection legislation when dealing with personal data of customers, suppliers, partners or employees and respect the legitimate rights of the owners of such data.

 Among the intangible capital of SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC, the brand, image and corporate reputation occupy a preeminent place. Being aware of this, all employees, directors, administrators and/or professionals who work for SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC must avoid any conduct that could damage the image of SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC and, consequently, avoid the use of its name, brand or signs badges for purposes other than those authorized by SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC or allow that, as a result of an act carried out in a personal capacity or without the proper authorization, its reputation is harmed or undermined. Regarding Intellectual and Industrial property, we affirm that SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC in the exercise of its activity must establish measures to prevent them from infringing the intellectual or industrial property of third parties, as well as to protect the intellectual or industrial property of the organization itself. The employees of SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC must respect the rights of intellectual and industrial property and assume that the materials handled are copyrighted unless explicitly stated otherwise.

SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC must commit to applying a principle of non-discrimination when hiring employees, in their training, in career development opportunities, in salary levels and in other aspects related to the employment relationship. SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC employees must be treated fairly and with respect by their superiors, subordinates and colleagues, promoting a comfortable, healthy and safe work environment. SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC must promote equal treatment between men and women with regards to access to employment, training and working conditions. All employees must be given equal opportunities for the development of their professional career. Professional development, remuneration and compensation: SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC must promote the personal and professional development of its employees, encouraging their involvement in improving their own skills and abilities. The evaluation of the performance, remuneration and compensation of the employees is an important element to be able to promote positive behaviors and the best tools to introduce risk management and compliance with control objectives in the daily activity of all employees. The supplier of SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC must offer its employees fair and adequate compensation.

SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC & undertake to always use objective criteria in the selection of the personnel they hire, making the selection in a transparent manner and attending exclusively to the following criteria: That the selected candidate has the academic, personal and professional merits that are needed for the position in question. That there is equal treatment for all candidates, experts in travel to Lapland.

The existence of a balance between the professional and personal responsibilities of the employees of SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC entails benefits, both for the employee and for the company itself, for which Santa Claus in Lapland must respect the personal life and family of their employees.

We believe that teleworking favors greater performance, improves the quality of life of workers, who do not have to spend their valuable time traveling to the office, and can help to have a better family balance. For more than a decade, Santa Claus in Lapland has been committed to teleworking for all employees. In this way, SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC must make available to its employees the necessary resources for the performance of their professional and business activity, taking care of health and safety at work.

SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC must implement a health and safety program at work, in compliance with current legislation, and adopt all necessary preventive measures. Strict compliance with the established health and safety and occupational risk prevention standards will be observed. As a general rule we practice teleworking.

SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC must promote the continuous training of its employees. Training programs must promote equal opportunities and the development of professional careers. We are experts in traveling to Lapland with children and we must be properly prepared. SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC must respect the right to privacy of its employees, especially with regard to their personal data.

All SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC staff must act with integrity towards customers, with the objective of achieving the highest levels of quality, efficiency, transparency, excellence in service provision and the development of relationships with customers and long-term clients based on mutual trust and respect.

The characteristics and risks of Lapland travel product and service offerings must be explained to customers in a clear and transparent manner. Contracts with customers should be written simply and clearly. Transparency will be promoted in pre-contractual, contractual, and post-contractual relationships with clients and information will be provided with the different alternatives available to them.

SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC must make the necessary channels available to clients so that they can present their claims in the event that they are dissatisfied with the services provided. Complaints submitted by customers must be addressed, analyzing the causes that motivated them and making a fair decision on their resolution.

The contents of the marketing and advertising campaigns must comply with the maximum legality in force and must be especially ethical and respectful of society. Marketing and advertising campaigns must be legal, truthful, and honest. They must respect the rights of consumers and of competitors traveling to Lapland. SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC must assume the obligation to be honest with customers, always providing complete, truthful, clear, useful and accurate information about products or services and relationships with suppliers and collaborating companies.

SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC proposes that external suppliers and collaborators maintain principles and action policies that are essentially analogous to those established in the Code, and will refuse to interact, even occasionally, with those whose conduct is incompatible with these principles.

SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC must provide customers and suppliers with truthful information and not made with the intention of misleading. Santa Claus in Lapland must require suppliers to operate, especially for trips with children, scrupulously complying with current regulations, respecting compliance with internationally recognized human rights and complying with ethical standards.

SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC is committed to competing in the markets specialized in trips to Lapland with children, in a fair way, promoting free competition for the benefit of consumers and users and always complying with current legislation.

Relations between SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC and public authorities and administrations will always be based on the principles of maximum transparency, integrity and cooperation. Santa Claus in Lapland must act with honesty and integrity with all contacts, relationships with authorities and employees of governments and public administrations, ensuring that all information and documents submitted by employees, directors, administrators and/or professionals and statements that they carry out are complete, truthful and clear.

SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC must establish a collaborative relationship with its partners based on trust, transparency in information and the sharing of knowledge, experience and skills, to achieve common goals and mutual benefit. SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC must provide members with truthful information and that is not made with the intention of misleading. SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC must require partners to operate in scrupulous compliance with current regulations, respecting compliance with internationally recognized human rights and complying with ethical standards.

The exchange of gifts and invitations between customers and suppliers is sometimes a legitimate way to build trust in commercial and business relationships. However, when it comes to excessive or inappropriate gifts or entertainment, they can serve to exert improper influence and can constitute or appear to be bribes. Offering or receiving gifts or invitations in the exercise of professional activity will not be tolerated. Exceptionally, gifts or invitations may be offered and/or accepted to/from clients/suppliers, when the following three conditions are met simultaneously: That they are permitted by current legislation and that they cannot be interpreted as an incentive to act altering the impartiality and professional objectivity. That they are given or received by virtue of a commercial practice or social use of generally accepted courtesy, without having been requested. That they have a symbolic or economically insignificant value not exceeding 150 euros. Conflicts of interest: In the daily activities of SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC there are situations in which conflicts may arise between the interests of Santa Claus in Lapland and those of the people with whom they relate, whether they are customers, suppliers, partners, shareholders, competitors, employees, or citizens, in general. Therefore, it is necessary to establish mechanisms and action guidelines that prevent and avoid such conflicts of interest. Situations that could give rise to a conflict between the personal interests of employees, directors, administrators and/or professionals and those of Santa Claus in Lapland or those with whom they relate must be avoided. Santa Claus in Lapland must act with the highest standards of integrity and honesty. Bribery and corruption have a clear negative impact wherever they occur and therefore all team members must apply high ethical and moral standards in all business activities. SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC will not tolerate corruption, bribery, bribery, unorthodox payment that is offered, bribery and any form of extortion.

The trust placed in SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC by the different interest groups is based on the transparent, truthful and complete information that Santa Claus in Lapland provides in all areas of their activity on trips to Lapland. All employees, directors, administrators and/or professionals «Santa Claus in Lapland» must ensure that the information they provide, both internally and externally, is accurate, clear and truthful, and in no case will they knowingly provide incorrect information, incomplete, inaccurate or that may mislead the recipient. Employees, directors, administrators and/or professionals who enter any type of information in the computer systems of SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC must ensure that it is rigorous and reliable.

SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC expresses its firm commitment to the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism and, in particular, its desire not to be the object of illicit use for any type of illegal activities through clients, suppliers, business partners, third parties or through their own employees.

Prevention of Criminal Risks: The principles and action criteria contained in this Code of Ethics and Conduct are mandatory for all persons subject to its scope of action. To guarantee its application, as well as the supervision and control of compliance with the Code of Ethics in Santa Claus in Lapland, a Criminal Risk Prevention Body has been set up. The members of the Criminal Risk Prevention Body will be selected from among the directors and managers. Through the ethics channel or complaints channel, any person may present their doubts, suggestions or complaints in relation to non-compliance with the Code of Ethics. Similarly, any person may submit the appropriate communication/complaint in the event of any regulatory breach. For their admission and proper processing, communications/complaints must contain the following information: Identification of the person making the query or complaint, (exception: the complaint may be made anonymously) and a detailed description of the circumstances of the conduct or situation. Queries and complaints may be made through any of the following communication channels: Email:, Postal mail addressed to: SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC trip to Lapland with children 2023, to the attention of the secretary of the Body for the Prevention of Risks, 5201 BLUE LAGOON DRIVE STE 948 MIAMI, FL 33126 . We have established a Criminal Risk Prevention Body, which will hear and resolve the complaints and queries received through the Complaint Channel, giving them the treatment it deems most appropriate in each case, and will act in each intervention with total independence and full respect for people affected and will guarantee, at all times, confidentiality in the treatment of the complaints and queries that it processes. SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC guarantees that under no circumstances will retaliation be taken or tolerated against those who have reported a breach of the Code of Ethics or have participated in any investigation procedure related to its compliance.

All employees, directors, administrators and/or professionals must accept and endorse this Code. #SCIL will enable the procedures that guarantee knowledge and acceptance of this Code of Ethics. With the acceptance of this Code, the Recipients will be automatically linked to subsequent adaptations or updates of this document, provided that said updates were motivated by regulatory changes, unless expressly stated otherwise. Said updates will be duly communicated to the Recipients. Review and Update: The Criminal Risk Prevention Body will periodically review this Code, taking into consideration the annual reports and the suggestions of its Recipients, and will propose to the Criminal Risk Prevention Body to raise, where appropriate, the Management Body the changes and adaptations that it deems appropriate. The Administrative Body of SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC will be responsible for approving the proposed changes to the Code.

SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC undertakes to inform the Recipients of any updates to the Code of Conduct. In addition, SANTA CLAUS IN LAPLAND LLC will provide its staff with the corresponding training courses in order to ensure that they are aware of the rules contained in this Code. You are what you travel!