Lapland is a destination that you may visit only once in your life, and it must be a wonderful experience, in which all the details are taken care of to the maximum to achieve the absolute satisfaction of our passengers, bearing in mind that this feeling is a goal. very complicated, since the expectations are very high, not only for a trip but for the illusions that it awakens in children and by extension, in adults. For years, our team has offered much more than a trip to Lapland… we have provided you with a trip to Christmas, a trip to illusion, a trip to magic, where everything must be perfect. We are Santa Claus in Lapland® and we are experts in this wonderful destination, where we will make you enjoy an unforgettable experience, with the SCIL guarantee and quality and the personalized seal of Contuhijo. Are you coming with us?

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Behind this brand, we have the human factor that achieves that goal that technology cannot yet imitate, trust between people. We are a close team with great experience, in a continuous process of improvement, to offer a new concept of family trips to Lapland: we want to be your specialist in trips to Lapland. These are the people who make things happen at «Santa Claus in Lapland ®« , who turn your needs into ideas and ideas into trips to Lapland.

We began our journey in tourism specializing in trips for children in 2008, when Contuhijo SL created the brand. A few months later we bet on trips to Lapland as the main specialization, from the Santa Claus in Lapland® brand. In May 2011 Catai , the main wholesaler in luxury travel, became interested in the project and became part of our shareholders, becoming our main collaborator in this type of travel and providing all its guarantee, quality and experience that have become a benchmark in Spanish tourism for families. In April 2017 we became associates of Barceló Viajes.

Our motto is “guarantee and quality”. The concept that remains in the minds of the families that participate in our activities is “quality”: we work to offer programs and activities designed for children, with the intention that they can share unforgettable moments with their family and new friends. family vacations, always with the best guarantee and quality.

We have the firm purpose of consolidating ourselves as the main organizer of family programs and trips, maintaining at all times the values ​​that started this project: commitment, responsibility and self-improvement, serving people, collaborators and workers with professionalism and closeness at all times.

Our association with the Ávoris group offers great guarantees to our clients, but also in legal terms Santa Claus in Lapland®, a registered trademark of Contuhijo S.L. meets all administrative requirements:

1- License title granted to Contuhijo S.L. – CICMA 2040. Authorization by the competent body for the exercise of the activity: The general direction of tourism of the community of Madrid regulates the exercise of activities of travel agencies according to decree 99/1996, (BOCM of July 12 of 1996). You could consult our data with the General Directorate of Tourism in the mail

2- Surety insurance: To respond in case of insolvency or bankruptcy and Civil liability insurance: to respond to the fulfillment of the obligations derived from the provision of its services to consumers. Current policy number N-4.535.791-E with Seguros Catalana Occidente, Sociedad Anónima de Seguros y Reaseguros.

In addition, Santa Claus in Laponia® has voluntarily assumed high levels of ethical commitment and responsibility, obtaining the distinctive seal of Confianza Online that offers you the best guarantees of transparency and credibility on the Internet. More information on this…

Registered Trademark: ® is a trademark officially registered in the Patent and Trademark Office with the M 3019943 and which can be consulted on the official website of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office.

We are the main specialist to organize your Lapland trip

The Santa Claus in Lapland® team offers you a wonderful trip to Lapland, a sensational experience that will awaken all your senses, a trip to the country of Christmas where you can live exciting adventures in the Arctic Circle in contact with the most amazing nature. Traveling to Lapland is much more than a trip, it is an adventure in search of happiness. We are experts in trips to Lapland with children, specialists in one of the most surprising destinations on the planet and we offer you the best service, the most complete information and the best guarantees. Welcome to Lapland !

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