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Enjoy this winter wonderland to the fullest and make lifelong memories. Whether you are looking for Santa or just want to have a winter adventure, Lapland is the perfect destination. Find the best dates for your family vacation below.

DEC 3 TO 7 AND DEC 7 TO 11

Enjoy the pristine nature of Lapland, where your stress will just melt away and you can enjoy this winter wonderland with your family.


During this special time of year, we offer the best travel packages to Lapland. Spend Christmas with your family in this magical place.


Bring in the New Year with your family in one of the most beautiful places in Europe. Start the year off right with this amazing trip to the Arctic Circle. Make way for 2023!


Easter is probably the best time to travel to Lapland. Enjoy our exciting travel programs to this beautiful place with your children. it will be an incredible experience by #SCIL


Enjoy sleigh rides that are pulled by either huskies or reindeers, snowmobile safaris, a visit with Santa Claus and meet the last indigenous group in Europe, the Sámi.


#SCIL offers you extensive travel programs to Lapland throughout the month of December. Make this year’s winter vacation something special for the whole family.

“Any date you choose will be an amazing vacation that will be enjoyed by everyone in your family. You pick the date, and we will offer you the best travel programs for a vacation with your kids. Each trip and traveler are different, which is why the Santa Claus in Lapland team offers a wide range of destinations and dates. Vacation is a time for relaxing and to enjoy a moment with your family. Leave the stress of daily life behind as you step into one of the most beautiful places in the world. Whether you are looking for a vacation package for families with small children or for one with teenagers, there options for every kind of family. Discover the best travel packages for families with”

Located in the northernmost region of Finland, discover a place that only few have had a chance to explore. You can find a winter paradise in Lapland, a place where you can feel the magic of nature with every step you take. If you are looking for a unique and exciting place to travel to, look no further. This beautiful landscape is covered in white snow as far as the eye can see. A place where once it gets dark, you have a chance to see the Northern Lights, with its green lights dancing across the sky. Santa Claus also has a secret residence here that he opens to special visitors like you. Join us on one of the amazing programs to the north of Finland, where you will enjoy nature in its purest form. #SCIL

Lapland travel packages

Salla Special Offer - January and February

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Special 8 Days in Ruka

This special program to Lapland starts on December 11 with a direct flight from Madrid. Spend these magical days staying at the Sc...

Ruka Village - Early December 2023

A fantastic program to travel to Lapland with a direct flight from Madrid or Barcelona and accommodation in the wonderful apartmen...

Salla in Igloos | Early December

From Santa Claus in Lapland we bring you a new experience. This time we go one step further. To our complete program of arctic act...

Saariselkä in Igloos

Santa Claus in Lapland offers you the opportunity to live a unique experience this early December 2023. You will stay in a modern ...

Holiday Club Salla Barcelona Dec 2

Salla, a great journey to the land of magic. Discover the Holiday Club Salla thanks to this exclusive departure on December 2 to travel to Lapland from Barce...

Early December | Ruka Valley

This early December, travel to Finnish Lapland with a complete program of 5 days / 4 nights with activities included at the Ruka Valley Hotel. A unique place...

Mid December in Salla

Feel the magic of this fantastic trip to Lapland. An unforgettable experience full of adventures with snowshoe rides, sleigh rides, snowmobile tours and a pr...

Premium Cabins in Lapland, December 2-6

This is a fantastic program to travel to Lapland with a direct flight from Madrid or Barcelona. You will stay in spectacular premi...

Santa Claus Village – New Year’s

Spending New Year’s Eve in Lapland is one of the most exciting experiences you will never forget. From meeting Santa, to go-kart...

Personalized Videos Santa Claus in Lapland

Create amazing videos of Santa Claus in Lapland for your family and friends! Discover the magic of these videos, which bring to li...

Safaris and excursions in Levi

These excursions and activities take place in the surrounding areas of Levi, which are located in an enclave of untouched and spectacular nature, on the...

Safaris and excursions in Saariselkä

Saariselkä is located in one of the most beautiful and untouched parts of nature in Lapland. The Saariselkä Hills offer us an incomparable arctic l...

Spring brings the trees, animals and people to life with its warmer days. Summer can be divided into two phases in Lapland, the first half being the Midnight Sun of June and July. Then there is the harvest season from August to September, where fresh berries and earthy mushrooms are being picked to create delicious treats. As Lapland moves into Autumn, you’ll begin to see the beautiful colors of fall or as the Finns call it “ruska”. And finally, we have winter. This is the season of magic when the Northern Lights dance across the sky and fresh white snow covers the forest. When “kaamos”, or Polar Night, surrounds Lapland in a veil of darkness and magic. No matter what time of year you choose to travel with your family, there will always be something to see or do… We are waiting for you in the land of magic.

Grand Adventure in the Artic Circle by #SCIL

If you are looking for a vacation that will be an adventure for the whole family, consider going to Lapland, which is one of the safest countries to travel to. You can experience a reindeer sleigh ride and then a relaxing afternoon in one of the traditional Finnish saunas. You can enjoy the Midnight Sun during the summertime or the possibly the Northern Lights in the winter. Feel the peace and silence all around you as you travel through the forest on a husky drawn sled and then feel the power of a snowmobile as you leave endless tracks in the snow. And of course, visit Santa any time of year! Welcome to the best Lapland travel company, with the most authentic Finnish experience. Enjoy the culture and traditions of the Sámi, the last indigenous people of the entirety of Europe. Lapland is a place that can change dramatically depending on when you are there but will always have its unique natural beauty any time of year. During the summer spend your days with the Midnight Sun and Polar Night during the winter. Fall in love with the amazing colors of autumn and the wildness of spring. If you are traveling to Lapland during the winter, just know that the snow, cold and limited light is no obstacle to enjoying nature to the fullest. Despite what you may think, winter allows for experiences that will make this trip an unforgettable adventure. After you have spent all day enjoying the white beauty of nature around you and the exciting activities that were planned, you and your family can relax in the warmth and comfort that can be found inside. You can have a delicious feast or maybe relax in one of the many saunas that can be found throughout Lapland. This region of Finland contains six national parks with small Nordic cities that have anything you may need. When you travel to Finnish Lapland, you and your family will experience the beauty of nature. Immerse yourselves in the silence and peacefulness that can be found all around you. Get to know the largest national park that can be found in Finland, where there are more reindeer than residents. Lapland will captivate the whole family and will leave you with amazing memories for a lifetime. #Lapland