Trip to Lapland: Salla, March 15

Have a wonderful stay at our favorite resort in Salla. A unique destination where you will live an unforgettable experience full of adventures with snowshoe rides, sleigh rides, snowmobile tours...

Approximate price per family:
3960 $

Salla is one of the most visited and requested destinations when planning your trip to Lapland. Located near the extreme northeast of Finland, it is a fantastic natural environment next to the Oulanka National Park; one of the most virgin and intact environments in Europe. Its latitude and proximity to the Kola Peninsula in Russia make it one of the most spectacular places in Lapland and where the first snowfalls arrive earlier, even in greater quantities and before some more northern areas of Lapland. If we add a complete program of exclusive activities to this magical destination, we are undoubtedly creating an unforgettable experience. All the cabins, located in a fantastic natural environment, around the reception area have heating, their own sauna, fireplace... right at the foot of the slopes of a fantastic ski resort with the best powder snow on the planet. Especially noteworthy is its careful cuisine that has received several international awards. We will be able to enjoy all the planned activities (snowmobiles, huskies, reindeer…) in the surroundings of the complex, without having to travel. Salla is our recommended destination, and our main guarantee is the opinion of the participants of past years. This special program departing on March 15, with the guarantee of Santa Claus in Lapland and at the best price guaranteed.

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Day 1.  Salla

Arrival at Rovaniemi airport. Assistance and travel to Salla. Arrival in this white Eden where in 2021 the last national park in Finland was established. Salla is located in a fabulous natural setting, in one of the most virgin, intact and least populated areas in all of Europe where, due to its latitude and altitude, the first and heaviest snowfalls in Lapland are usually welcomed. Accommodation in your cabin. All the cabins are tremendously comfortable and cozy and have complete equipment to make your stay unforgettable; bathroom/s with shower, heating, own sauna, one or more bedrooms, fireplace and kitchen equipped with fridge, microwave, etc. Also, you will have at your disposal, free of charge, unlimited firewood for the fireplace and sleds for children. All of them are located around the resort's reception and restaurant. A few minutes walk from your private cabin is the small alpine ski resort of Salla, excellent both for skiers of all levels and for family fun sledding. In your accommodation you will have the thermal suits of your size waiting for you to be able to use them from your arrival and throughout your stay. Once installed and equipped with thermal clothing, dinner at the Kiela restaurant in the Salla Tuvat complex. Accommodation.

Day 2. Salla. Snowmobile Safari and Spa

We spent the first night in Lapland, after a rich buffet breakfast in the Kiela restaurant of the Salla Tuvat complex, we will have a unique experience, riding a powerful snowmobile through snowy forests and frozen lakes. Let's find out what it's like to drink coffee or hot chocolate in the middle of a campfire and contemplate the idyllic nature of Lapland. All of this while we prepare for the cold and receive all the safety instructions and motorcycle handling (very easy) that you need to enjoy this activity. For parents' peace of mind, the little ones will enjoy a snowmobile ride on sleds (which can be turned off in extremely cold temperatures) pulled by a guide motorcycle. After this unforgettable experience on the trip to Lapland, it was time for lunch prepared at the Kiela restaurant. For an afternoon in Lapland we suggest you indulge in skiing as our Salla family ski resort is only a few minutes walk away with illuminated slopes. We can buy hourly passes (from 1 hour), as well as rent equipment, which is a great experience for fans of this sport with a lot of snow, and make the most of time because there is no queue at the ski lift. This afternoon, after a day full of wonderful moments, we can enjoy the hotel spa next to the cabin complex and relax in the jacuzzi, pool (4) with fountains and sauna (admission included). Where we can enjoy as a family, where children and adults are allowed to enter and you can walk from the cabin. Swimsuits and slippers are a must, but if you've forgotten about the hustle and bustle of the day, don't worry... you can rent swimsuits here. Dinner tonight will be at Kiela's restaurant in our cabin complex. Here, you will dine in a relaxed and comfortable environment. The restaurant is a member of the “Chaîne des rôtisseurs”, a renowned French culinary association, which promotes and supports local culinary culture and pays homage to national cuisine. In 2008 Kela was awarded the Mark of Excellence in recognition of the high quality of food and service.

Day 3. Salla. Husky Sledding, Ice Fishing, Movie & Dinner in Kota

We continue to enjoy the destination and unique activities. After a powerful and necessary buffet breakfast, served in the complex's restaurant, we will start one of the most exciting excursions of our trip; a dog sled ride. Although most of the dogs are of the husky breed, you can find other experts and trained ones to pull the sleds, which they do with great pleasure. When the time comes and after receiving the advice to enjoy the experience safely, we will become master mushers of an authentic husky dog ​​sled. Of course, driving a husky sled through the snowy forests of Salla is one of the best experiences you can have on a trip to Lapland. Today we will have lunch like authentic Sami, a good hot soup and roast sausages around a bonfire in the middle of the forest to continue with the traditions of the land practicing ice fishing and practicing the throwing of the Lappish lasso. After a day of new experiences, we will return to our accommodation where we can rest and enjoy an authentic Finnish sauna in our private cabin. An afternoon of movies and popcorn awaits us, which begins on board a Lappish train, in which the wagons are sleighs and the locomotive is a snowmobile, to lead us to the auditorium (about 2 miles from the Kiela restaurant) where a film for everyone will be shown the public that will discover a magical world. Continuing with our Lappish day, at dinner time, we will move to a wooden kota to taste a very special dinner, based on rich local products from nearby. During the evening, our Sami hosts will tell us old stories and local shaman traditions... An unforgettable dinner in a unique setting. Return to our cabin to rest and recover energy for the next day.

Day 4. Salla. Reindeer Sledding, Snowshoeing, Mini Snowmobiles & Private Santa Claus Meeting or Arctic Survival Workshop

A new day dawns in Lapland full of unique moments and activities. After a hearty breakfast buffet, we will head to the nearby reindeer farm to learn about the reindeer way of life and take a relaxing ride on a reindeer sleigh through the snowy forest. During the activity, we will visit the corral where the females that are pregnant during the winter are found, as well as some calves that are not yet old enough to pull the sleds. We can feed them hand in hand and have an incredible time with them. Next, we will go on a snowshoe ride through the snowy Lappish forest. We will enjoy lunch in a Sami kota which is a (typical Sami (Lapp) tent with a shape similar to a teepee or American Indian tent.) We will have the opportunity to rest in our cabin and prepare for one of the great moments of the trip that the little ones and those who are not so much are waiting for... Privately, family by family, we will travel on a snow sled carried by a guide's motorcycle to a magical place in the middle of the forest in search of Santa Claus. We will meet Santa Claus himself, we will be able to talk with him, take pictures... and enjoy a magical encounter. Our dear friend, Santa Claus, will thank our visit by delivering a gift to each child. For families with adolescents or only adults, there is the possibility of exchanging this activity for a survival workshop in the Arctic where we will learn to survive in extreme situations, handling a knife or how to make fire. So that the little ones are entertained until the moment we start our meeting with Santa, they will have at their disposal several recreational activities such as sleighs and snow slides, one of them being the possibility of driving small snowmobiles on a safe circuit. With so many emotions, surely we have whetted our appetite. Tonight we will taste dinner at the Kiela restaurant. Return to our cabin after a day of magical experiences to rest.

Day 5. Salla - Rovaniemi 

Last day in Lappish lands. After enjoying the buffet breakfast at the Kiela restaurant, we will head to the airport for the return flight. On the way we will make a stop at the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi where we can visit its craft and souvenir shops. 

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salla navidad encuentro privado con santa claus

salla navidad safari en motos de nieve

salla navidad safari trineo de huskies

salla navidad safari trineo de renos

salla navidad cabañas viajes a laponia

Selected cabins:

  • 1-bedroom cabins (34-48 m²): They have 1 bedroom plus a living room with a fireplace and a double sofa-bed. Equipped with heating, TV, radio, sauna, washing machine, dryer, bathroom with shower and full kitchen with fridge. Distance from Kiela Restaurant 100 - 200 m There are 34 m² cabins, 34 m² loft 42 m² and the newly released 48 m² ones.
  • 2-room cabins (45 m²): They have 2 double bedrooms, They consist of 2 double bedrooms, a separate living room with a double sofa-bed and fireplace. Equipped with heating, TV, radio, sauna, washing machine, dryer, bathroom with shower and full kitchen with fridge. Distance from Kiela Restaurant: 400 - 500 m.
  • 2-room cabins (75 m²): They have 2 double bedrooms and a separate living room with a double sofa-bed and fireplace. Equipped with heating, TV, radio, sauna, washer, dryer, 2 bathrooms, 1 shower and full kitchen with fridge. Distance from Kiela Restaurant: 100 200 m.
  • 3-room cabins (99 m²): They have 3 double bedrooms, a separate living room with a double sofa bed and a fireplace. Equipped with heating, TV, radio, sauna, washing machine, dryer, bathroom with shower and full kitchen with fridge. Distance from Kiela Restaurant: 400 - 500 m.
  • 3-Bedroom Cabin (147 m²): Unique 2-storey cabin consisting of 3 double bedrooms and a separate living room with a double sofa bed and fireplace. Equipped with heating, TV, radio, sauna, jacuzzi, washer, dryer, 3 toilets, 1 shower and full kitchen with fridge. Distance from Kiela Restaurant 100 m.
  • 4-room cabin (175 m²): Wonderful and unique cabin that has 2 floors, 4 double bedrooms, a separate living room with fireplace. Equipped with heating, TV, radio, sauna, washer, dryer, 3 toilets, jacuzzi, shower and full kitchen with fridge. Distance from Kiela Restaurant: 100 m.
Depature date March 15
Family Price Cabin
1 adult + 1 child $3560 1 room 34m²
1 adult + 2 children $4930 1 room 34m²
2 adults $3980 1 room 34m²
2 adults + 1 child $5210 1 room 34m²
2 adults + 2 children $6530 2 rooms 45m²
2 adults + 3 children $7760 2 rooms 45m²
3 adults + 2 children $8470 2 rooms 75m²
Cancelation conditions
Up to 60 days before travel date: $100 per person
Between 59 and 30 days before the trip: $400 per person
Between 29 and 15 days before the trip: 40% of the total amount
Between 14 and 7 days before the trip: 75% of the total amount
Less than 6 days before the trip, 100%
Contact us for more information
This grand trip includes
Expert guides throughout your trip
Guides that speak English and Spanish
All transfers
Thermal clothing throughout your stay
Includes boots and thermal jumpsuit
Helmet and gloves for snowmobile ride
4 nights in a cabin
Full board:
Breakfast buffet at the Kiela Restaurant
1 lunch at the Kiela Restaurant
2 lunches during reindeer and husky excursions
3 dinners at the Kiela Restaurant
1 special dinner prepared with local produces at the Starry Kota
Private meeting with Santa Claus or survival workshop
1 gift from Santa for each child
Reindeer sleigh Safari
Snowshoe excursion
Mini snowmobiles for the kids
Snowmobile Safari
Husky sleigh ride safari
Ice fishing 
The necessary materials for each activity
Movie night
Initial and final cleaning of the cabin
Unlimited firewood for the cabins fireplace
1 entry to the spa
Complete documentation for the trip
Travel assistance insurance
SCIL® Experience

We recommend that you purchase cancellation insurance for your own peace of mind..

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