The Magic of Rovaniemi-Apukka

Travel on your own to Finnish Lapland with a complete program of 4 days / 3 nights at Apukka Resort. Stay under the northern lights and experience the activities of the Arctic... Nature will do the rest. You will spend your vacation in a place surrounded by forests and on the edge of a lake, an unforgettable experience.

Approximate price per family:
2000 $

Lapland is a place that will surprise you, full of a special and unique nature that gives way to an incredible atmosphere, an experience that is undoubtedly worth enjoying with your children. Apukka Resort is located on the outskirts of Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, just above the imaginary line of the Arctic Circle. Only about 6 km away is the Santa Claus Village, where Santa's house, the post office, etc. are located... A perfect place to explore on a snowmobile, take sleigh rides... and meet Santa Claus himself.

Day 1 Rovaniemi-Apukka

Departure in flight towards Rovaniemi. Arrival and transfer to the full Apukka-Resort. Dinner and accommodation.

Days 2 and 3 Apukka

Half pension. Free days available to take optional excursions that we propose below or simply relax and enjoy the arctic winter.

Optional experiences:

  • Hunting for the Aurora by Snow Train
    • Enjoy a ride through a winter wonderland, away from artificial lights, in a warm carriage of our famous snow train! A journey through the beautiful snowy landscape that leads us to a cabin deep in the forest. While we wait for the Northern Lights to appear, it's time to enjoy the warmth of the fire and light snacks and hot drinks, all combined with the ancient stories of Aurora shared by the guide. This excursion is completely focused on the Northern Lights, but it is also a great opportunity to get into the winter magic of Lappish nature.
    • Departures: Daily - 8:30 p.m.
    • Note: Tour in English.
    • Price per person: $109
  • Apukka, snow and fun
    • Huskies, reindeer, snow fun and mini snowmobiles for children. This is an activity designed for families, so that everyone can savor the best experiences in the Arctic Circle. During the day you will be able to try many unforgettable things. We will be able to take a short sled ride with husky dogs and reindeer and test your skills with snowshoes and cross-country skis. Who can make the longest slide or the most impressive ice sculpture? The kids will certainly enjoy a ride on the mini snowmobile. During the day of activities you will enjoy a tasty lunch in our authentic Aitta restaurant. To end the day, we will enjoy a great snowball fight.
    • Includes: Thermal clothing, transfers by car, 500 m. huskies sleigh tour, 500 m. reindeer sleigh tour, lunch, guide and mini snowmobile for children.
    • Departures: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - 10:00 am.
    • Note: Tour in English.
    • Price per person: $176
  • Husky Adventure
    • Meet and wiggle with our furry, howling friends - Apukka's husky dogs - on this daytime adventure, including a one-hour safari. Huskies are some of the most beloved animals in the north, and you'll understand why when you meet the pack at Apukka. You can pet them, pose for photos with them and listen to stories about the life of husky dogs, they love to pull sleds and run on snowy paths through the forests. The highlight of the day is the 7 – 10 km. a long safari, where you can beat your own team of huskies to mush!
    • Includes: Thermal suit, transfers by car, hot drinks, guide, 7-10 km sleigh ride.
    • Departures: Daily - 10:00 am, 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm
    • Note: Tour in English.
    • Price per person: $166
  • Aurora Husky Tour
    • Combine two of the most popular experiences into one amazing adventure Our energetic and eager husky dogs will take you on a walk in search of the Northern Lights. Huskies and Northern Lights: Could there be a better combination? Lead your own team of dogs and enjoy the ride before heading back to a traditional Lappish hut to grill some sausages and have a glass of juice by a campfire. The chances of seeing the Northern Lights get better and better as midnight approaches and with a bit of luck you can share the special moment with your new furry friends!
    • Includes: Thermal suit, transfers by car, hot drinks, sausage, guide and 7-10 km dog sled tour.
    • Departures: Daily - 8:30 p.m.
    • Note: Tour in English.
    • Price per person: $209
  • Snowy nature on horseback
    • Experience the magical winter landscapes on horseback. A way of traveling like no other. Amid a frost-covered landscape, you'll discover the beautiful calm of the morning as we take a brisk horseback ride through the arctic landscape. The snow glistens under the horses' hooves and the breath of both rider and horse runs through the fresh air as you enter the snow-covered ice of Lake Olkka. Hang in there and enjoy the slow ride, these are the memories you'll cherish for a long time.
    • Departures: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday: At 12:00 it is for passengers with previous riding experience. At 2:00 p.m. No previous experience is necessary.
    • Notes: Not suitable for children under 15 years of age.
    • Please note that the accessibility to Lake Olkka depends on the hardness of the ice: in case of mild temperatures, optional routes may apply.
    • Tour in English.
    • Price per person: $105
  • Snowmobile Wilderness Safari
    • This is the perfect way to start your excursion as a real snowmobile driver. Your professional guide will teach you how to drive snowmobiles easily and safely. With your new abilities you can enter some phenomenal places, making it possible for you to witness the beauty of nature at its best. Enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way as you drive through pine forests, tree forests and frozen swamps until you stop for a moment to enjoy a hot drink in complete silence.
    • Includes: Thermal suit, car transfers, hot drink, guide, snowmobile driving instructions and snowmobile ride.
    • Departures: Daily - 2:00 p.m.
    • Note: Tour in English.
    • Price per person: $110
  • Snowmobile Ice Fishing
    • This combination is the most local thing to do in Rovaniemi, Apukka. On this safari we will go snowmobiling to the local lake through snowy forests and snow covered hills. When we arrive at our secret fishing spot, the guide will teach you all the elements to be a successful fisherman, just like the locals do. If you're lucky, you might catch up to a pike, perch, or even trout. While you fish, your guide will build a campfire and you can enjoy a tasty snack by the campfire, along with coffee or tea.
    • Includes: Thermal suit, car transfers, snowmobile driving instructions, guide, snowmobile ride, hot drinks and lunch around a bonfire.
    • Departures: Monday, Wednesday and Friday - 10:00 am.
    • Note: Tour in English.
    • Price per person: $120
  • Snowmobile Safari to Santa's Village
    • This excursion takes you from Apukka Resort to Santa's Village through the snowy forest. Adults will drive a snowmobile, and children will ride in a warm sleigh. On this safari you can combine snowmobiling and the chance to meet Santa Claus. You'll also have plenty of time to shop and send postcards and letters with the unique Arctic Circle stamp from the Santa Claus Post Office. During the day you will also have lunch in a cozy restaurant. And... don't forget to cross the line of the Arctic Circle.
    • Includes: Thermal suit, snowmobile driving instructions, guide, snowmobile ride, free time in Santa Claus Village, meeting with Santa Claus and lunch.
    • Departures: Monday, Wednesday and Friday - 10:00 am.
    • Note: Tour in English.
    • Price per person: $171

Day 4 Rovaniemi-Apukka

Breakfast. At the scheduled time, private transfer to the airport. Departure by flight back home. Arrival.

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The Santa Claus in Lapland® team offers you a wonderful trip to Lapland, a sensational experience that will awaken all your senses, a trip to the country of Christmas where you can live exciting adventures in the Arctic Circle in contact with the most amazing nature. Traveling to Lapland is much more than a trip, it is an adventure in search of happiness. We are experts in trips to Lapland with children, specialists in one of the most amazing destinations on the planet and we offer you the best service, the most complete information and the best guarantees. Welcome to Lapland!

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Apukka Resort

Located north of the Arctic Circle, next to a large lake, just a 15-minute drive from Rovaniemi and 10 minutes from the airport, Apukka Resort is an ideal place to see the Northern Lights away from the light pollution of the city since mid from August to the end of April. You can even see the sky above the ice in winter.

The Kammi Suite

A new accommodation to delve into history. Since the time when nomadic reindeer herders roamed the plains of Lapland, the kammi have provided them with shelter and quality. At Apukka, they wanted to combine these ancient traditions with modern innovations to build these luxurious suites. The Kammi Suites are authentic, ecological and full of stories from the past. They have a double bed (with 360º views of the sky), dining room, equipped kitchen, private bathroom with shower and toilet, electric fireplace, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, convertible sofa bed.

Daily Departures from November 8 to April 1, 2023
Passengers Price
Per person From $1000
Contact us for more information
This grand experience includes...
All transfers
3 nights at the Apukka Resort
Half board (with dinner)
Daily cleaning included
Complete travel documentation
SCIL® Experience
Price does not include
Beverages with dinner
Optional experiences
Hunting for the Aurora by snow train. Price per person: $109
Apukka, snow and fun. Price per person: $176  
Adventure with husky dogs. Price per person: $166
Tour in search of the Aurora with huskies. Price per person: $209
Snowy nature on horseback. Price per person: $105
Snowmobile safari through nature. Price per person: $110
Snowmobile ice fishing. Price per person: $120
Snowmobile safari to Santa Claus Village: Price per person: $171

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