Muonio Beginning of December

Take advantage of the beginning of December (from Dec. 3 to 7) to enjoy this amazing program. Get to know Lapland and everything that it has to offer. Enjoy some of the cleanest air in the world as you vacation in Muonio. You and your family will make lifelong memories on this exciting trip.  

Approximate price per family:
3889 $

If you are traveling from Madrid, this is your ideal program to Lapland. You will travel from Madrid, December 3 to 7, on an exclusive and direct flight to Lapland in just over 4 hours. It will take you about an hour drive from Kittila airport to your destination. You can take this time during this drive to marvel at the beautiful scenery all around you. Muonio is in the northwestern region of Finland, which guarantees the perfect conditions for carrying out winter activities. With the large amount of snowfall throughout this season, will make it that much more exciting for these arctic excursions. Muonio’s location is also wonderful for viewing the natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights. You will be staying at the Harriniva hotel, which has magnificent facilities and full board. Those who choose to come with us on this program, you will meet Santa Claus in a very special way, with an unforgettable private interview at his winter residence... and all this in a wonderful program, specifically created for families, with guides in English and Spanish, which includes all the activities that you would like to do on a trip to Lapland (reindeer, huskies, snowmobile...) with the SCIL quality guarantee and at the best price guaranteed.


Day 1. Madrid - Kittilä - Muonio.

Arrive at the airport with enough time to check in for your direct flight to Kittilä (Finland). Lunch will be served on board your flight. Arrival at Kittilä airport. Assistance and transfer to Muonio, to the north, approximately 1 hour away. Muonio is located in an idyllic setting, in the midst of the purest nature of the Arctic, around 100 miles north of the Arctic Circle line, making this latitude ideal for Northern Lights sighting. The hotel is away from the city lights, so there will be hardly any light pollution which will make it easier to see the auroras if they occur. In your accommodation you will find the thermal equipment that you can use during your stay in Lapland (thermal suit, boots, gloves or mittens, as well as a helmet for the snowmobile activity). Dinner at hotel's restaurant.

viajar a laponia muonio puente diciembre 2020


Day 2. Muonio. Snowmobile Safari in Search of Santa Claus and Christmas Cookies Master Class.

You have spent your first night on Sami land. After having a full buffet breakfast at your hotel, your adventure today will begin. Today we will set off on a snowmobile safari. For everyone’s safety, the guide will provide you with the safety instructions and handling of the snowmobile. The adults will drive the snowmobiles (2 per snowmobile) and the children will be in a sled that is being pulled by the guide's snowmobile. Enjoy the amazing views that Lapland has to offer as you travel through the snowy forest and pass by frozen rivers in search of Santa’s secret cabin. Once his cabin is located, each family will be ushered in one at a time to have their own private meeting with Santa Claus. Take as many photographs and videos as you want and at the end of your visit, every child will receive their first gift of the season from Santa Claus himself. Once this magical experience is over, you will head back to the hotel for lunch. Then your afternoon will be dedicated to a very Finnish indoor activity: learning to bake the local Christmas cookies. Once your class is over, you can spend the rest of the afternoon around the hotel playing with the sleds that are available. Dinner at the hotel. 

viajes a laponia papa noel muonio puente diciembre 2020


Day 3. Muonio. Visit to a Reindeer Farm and Cinema Session

Buffet breakfast in your hotel. Get ready for a traditional Lappish experience! After a short ride, we will arrive at the reindeer farm, where you can will feel the authentic Lappish atmosphere. Reindeer herding has been an important activity in the development of Lapland. Reindeer are semi-wild animals: they live freely in the forests of Lapland. A couple of times a year they are brought together to classify and to see how many there are. At the farm, the reindeer herder will have carefully selected a group of trained reindeer for the sleigh. Once you are settled in the sleigh, the reindeer will take you for a ride. We will enjoy lunch around a bonfire in a kota. The kotas are the typical local constructions, which have been inherited from the ancient nomadic Samis. Nowadays they are built in wood although in the past they were made only with logs and reindeer skins. Return to the hotel to relax. The little ones will enjoy a very special movie session in a hotel lounge. Lappish specialties dinner at kota Aurora.


viaje laponia papa noel muonio puente diciembre 2020


Day 4. Muonio. Multiple Arctic Activities and Husky Dog Sledding Safari.

Breakfast at the hotel. Get ready for today’s exciting and memorable experience! In the morning you will go to a place in the forest where you will enjoy different activities: cross-country skiing through snowy landscapes, as the inhabitants of the north of this continent have done for a long time. Snowshoeing to a frozen lake where you can practice ice fishing (subject to ice conditions) as the Lapps have done for centuries. Everyone can try their luck opening their own hole in the ice and showing off their skills with these little rods. Around the lake there will also be slides and tandem ski so that the little ones can enjoy activities with each other, that are a little more physical and fun for them. And the one that they will surely value the most; they will be able to drive their own mini-snowmobile (children weighing up to 90 lbs approx). Then you will return to the hotel for the lunch. Then off to the next incredible experience, learning to drive a husky drawn sled. You will receive instructions from your instructors and local guides on how to control the sled. It is actually quite easy since the dogs know the marked path to follow, and you will never go too far from the sled and the guide will be the lead. After your journey with the huskies, you will return to the hotel. Dinner at hotel's restaurant.


viaje a laponia papa noel muonio puente diciembre 2020


Day 5. Muonio - Kittilä - Madrid.

Last day in Lappish lands. After enjoying breakfast at the hotel, you will have some time to carry out a few activities on your trip to Lapland, before embarking on the road to Levi where we will enjoy free time until it is time to go to the airport to take the return flight. Levi is the name of a hill that is home to one of the largest ski resorts in Finland. Levi has many restaurants and places to enjoy lunch at your leisure. It also has many shops and places to entertain yourself strolling and doing the last purchases before heading to the airport for your return flight. During the flight we will enjoy a snack/dinner on board with a drink included. Arrival and end of the trip.


levi snow pnel


Hotel Harriniva (Muonio)

Hotel Harriniva is located 30 minutes from Pallas-Ylläs National Park, right on the Swedish border, and approximately 1 hour from Kittilä Airport. The completely wooden hotel has different types of rooms in its main building, as well as cabins in its surroundings. The hotel has 64 rooms, 4 restaurants, a bar, and Wi-Fi.

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  • Wilderness Plus Room: 4 people (2 adults + 2 children or 3 adults). Decorated in the purest Lappish style, with wood, recently renovated in 2018. These rooms are located on the ground floor, near reception and are equipped with a double bed, pull-out sofa for 1 adult or 2 children, bathroom, hairdryer products, and amenities in the form of Finnish organic hair and body products.
  • Wilderness Suites rooms: 5 people. Spacious and wild in style with a touch of Lappish quality, refurbished in 2018. Located on the ground floor near reception. They have a double bed on the mezzanine, a pull-out sofa, a seating area, a bathroom, a hairdryer, organic Finnish hair and body products and a mini fridge.
  • Riverside log cabins: 6 people. This option allows you to enjoy the Northern Lights in winter from your own cozy terrace. The cabin is ideal for active adventurers and peace lovers with all services and nature right next door. They have 2 beds on the ground floor and a mezzanine with 2 beds, a pull-out sofa for 1 adult or 2 children, a living area, a bathroom, a sauna, a hairdryer, a kitchenette with an induction cooker, a fridge, a kettle and a microwave.


muonio diciembre 2020 viajar a laponia


Pictures of your trip to Lapland: a picture is worth a thousand words.

Santa Claus in Lapland® is much more than trips to Lapland, we are specialists in trips with children to Lapland where you are the main protagonists of the most impressive adventures. Some of the Salla program participants in Lapland wanted to share a moment of their trip to Lapland.

Carlos Muonio

Photo courtesy of Carlos - Muonio Beginning of December

Juan Manuel Muonio Puente Diciembre

Photo courtesy of Juan Manuel - Muonio Beginning of December

Carmen Muonio Puente Diciembre

Photo courtesy of Carmen - Muonio Beginning of December

Carlos Muonio Puente Diciembre

Photo courtesy of Carlos - Muonio Beginning of December


Programa del 3 al 7 de diciembre 2022

Precios Wilderness Plus

Familia Precio
1 adulto + 1 niño 3889€
2 adultos 4180€
1 adulto + 2 niños 5620€
2 adultos + 1 niño 5899€
2 adultos + 2 niños 7625€

Precios Wilderness Suites

Familia Precio
2 adultos + 2 niños 7759€
2 adultos + 3 niños 9460€
3 adultos + 2 niños 9790€

Precios Cabaña Riverside

Familia Precio
2 adultos + 1 niño 6125€
2 adultos + 2 niños 7855€
2 adultos + 3 niños 9580€
3 adultos + 3 niños 11635€
Condiciones de cancelación
hasta el 31 de agosto, Sin gastos (solo seguros opcionales contratados)
del 01 de septiembre al 30 de septiembre, 15%
del 01 de octubre al 31 de octubre, 25%
del 01 de noviembre hasta 22 días antes, 50%
desde 21 días hasta 8 días antes, 75%
menos de 7 días antes del viaje, 100%

En caso de cancelación de la operación por motivos sanitarios (Covid-19) debido a la imposibilidad de entrada a Finlandia o salida de España no habrá gastos de cancelación.

Contacta con nosotros para más información

Fechas Puente de diciembre 2022

  • 03 al 07 diciembre

Salidas desde

  • Madrid

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Esta gran experiencia #Papanoelenlaponia incluye...

Vuelo directo Madrid
Snack con bebidas
Guía habla castellana
Todos los traslados
Traje térmico toda la estancia
Incluye botas y mono térmico
Casco y guantes motonieve
4 noches Hotel Harriniva
Desayuno buffet diario
4 almuerzos excursiones/hotel
3 cenas en hotel
1 cena en Kota
Café/té ilimitado hotel adultos
Refrescos ilimitados hotel niños
Visita a Santa Claus
Paseo en trineo de renos y visita granja
Motos de nieve
Paseo trineo de huskies
Multiactividades en la nieve
Sesión de cine
Master class de galletas navideñas
Material necesario para actividades
Limpieza inicial y final apartamento/cabaña
Completa documentación viaje
Seguro de asistencia en viaje Covid
Tasas de aeropuerto
Experiencia PNEL®

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Horarios de los vuelos directos

  • 03 Dic. Madrid – Kittilä 11.00 – 16.50 h
  • 07 Dic. Kittilä – Madrid 16.00 -  19.50 h

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Pack regalo de bienvenida

  • Guantes
  • 2 pares de calcetines térmicos
  • Gorro tipo pasamontañas

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Información y notas importantes:

  • El orden de las excursiones puede variar con respecto al indicado en este itinerario para facilitar la operatividad del viaje o por motivos climatológicos y para mayor comodidad de los pasajeros. No así el contenido que será el especificado.
  • Los precios de las excursiones en motos y trineos están basados en dos personas compartiendo el vehículo, una conduce la motonieve y otra como pasajero. Se realizan paradas durante el trayecto donde los pasajeros pueden intercambiar su posición.
  • La edad mínima para conducir las motos de nieve es 18 años.
  • Durante la excursión en motos de nieve, los menores viajan en un trineo que arrastra la motonieve del guía.
  • Para poder conducir una moto de nieve es obligatorio estar en posesión de carnet de conducir de coche o moto (más de 125cc.), válido en Europa.
  • Todas las motos de nieve disponen de un seguro a todo riesgo, con una franquicia máxima de 980 €, de la que cada participante es responsable en caso de accidente. El importe de la franquicia puede reducirse a 150 € pagando un suplemento de 15 € por conductor y safari. Posibilidad de conducción individual: 45 €/persona Los guías informan al respecto durante las excursiones.
  • Debido a la idiosincrasia propia de esta región ártica y sus condiciones climáticas tan particulares, la empresa organizadora no puede garantizar a priori las condiciones de nieve y hielo óptimas para la realización de las actividades. En caso de que alguna causa de fuerza mayor no permitiese la realización total o parcial de alguna actividad y esta debiera ser anulada o reducida por falta de nieve o hielo, se realizará una actividad alternativa o bien se reembolsará el importe de la misma.

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Información y consejos prácticos:

  • Documentación: Finlandia forma parte de la UE y se puede acceder con el DNI en vigor.
  • Internet: WI-FI gratuito en todas las cabañas y en el Restaurante Kiela.
  • Enchufes: los enchufes en Laponia son iguales que en España (230V de 2 clavijas tipo F).
  • Moneda: Euro. Las tarjetas de crédito son aceptadas incluso para importes muy pequeños.
  • Horario: en Finlandia es una hora más que en España (p.ej. A las 15.00 h en España son las 16.00 h en Finlandia).
  • Vestimenta: PapáNoelEnLaponia proporciona a todos sus pasajeros la equipación necesaria para poder disfrutar de las actividades al aire libre con el máximo confort. Esta consta de botas térmicas, un par de calcetines de lana, mono térmico y manoplas, así como casco y pasamontañas durante la excursión en motonieves. Aconsejamos completar la misma con ropa térmica interior

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