Christmas in Salla

Make your dreams come true with an extraordinary Christmas vacation in Lapland! One of the most exotic and natural places in Europe and without a doubt the most fun your family will have on vacation. Enjoy the most complete program available, and make this an incredibly special Christmas 2022

Approximate price per family:
4499 $

Christmas is truly the most magical time to travel to Lapland. You and your family will have the best time in Salla, enjoying all the best experiences and exciting activities. Stay in beautiful log cabins, all of which have their own private sauna, spend the day doing all the winter activities you can imagine and meet Santa Claus in person! Salla is the ideal place to breathe fresh air and admire the beauty of nature. Here you can feel the magic of the polar night, walk in the white forest and enjoy a campfire under the Northern Lights. Our greatest guarantee is the opinion of thousands of customers who have enjoyed this magical here to read some of the reviews from families that have traveled with us to Lapland. If you have any doubts or questions about this amazing destination, please let us know... How can we help you?


salla navidad cabañas


Day 1 (12/23) Spain - Kuusamo - Salla

Arrive at the airport with enough time to check in for your flight. Lunch will be served on your flight. Once you arrive to Kuusamo, you will meet your guide and will set off by bus to Salla. This trip will take about an hour and will allow you to see the beautiful views of Lapland. As you arrive, you will be entering into the most recently created national park of Finland, established in 2021. This pure and natural, untouched environment is one of the least populated areas in all of Europe, which receives some of the first and heaviest snowfalls in Lapland. Once you arrive at your cabin, you will find thermal suits perfect for you and a welcome gift pack for you to use throughout your stay. All the cabins are fully equipped to make your vacation unforgettable; clean linens, bathrooms with showers, heating, your own sauna, one or more rooms (see descriptions according to size and capacity at the end of the itinerary), fireplace, and a fully equipped kitchen. In addition, you will have at your disposal, free of charge, unlimited firewood for the fireplace and sleds for the kids. All the cabins are located near the reception area and restaurant of the complex. A few minutes’ walk from your private cabin is a small alpine ski resort, ideal for skiers of all levels or for families just looking for fun sliding down the hills on sleds. Once you have settled in, head over to dinner at the Kiela restaurant in the Salla Tuvat complex.


salla navidad encuentro privado con santa claus


Day 2 (12/24) Salla - Multi-activities for Children, Private Meeting with Santa Claus and Spa

You have spent your first night in Lapland and a day full of unique moments and activities awaits you. After a delicious breakfast buffet, keep in mind that today is Christmas Eve and tomorrow Christmas! Today you start of the day by going to the nearby reindeer farm (5 minutes from our cabins) where you will enjoy fun snow activities for the whole family: snowshoe adventures, Lappish lasso toss, snow hockey, reindeer feeding and a short sleigh ride. While you having fun, you will also be waiting for the call of an elf who will lead you in a sleigh pulled by a snowmobile to a secret place in the middle of the forest where Santa Claus is waiting for you. He will receive you privately, family by family, and you will be able to spend some very special moments with him. Take as many photographs and videos as you want and at the end of your visit, every child will receive their first Christmas gift from Santa Claus himself! You can share this magical moment with your fellow travelers as you enjoy lunch at the farm's restaurant.  After such an exciting day we recommend that enjoy the spa at the hotel which is next to the cabin complex. Spend this Christmas Eve relaxing, while Santa begins his annual preparations for this magical night. Enjoy its jacuzzies, heated pools with water jets and saunas. It is ideal for the whole family to relax and have fun, since the entrance is included, for both adults and children, and it's just a quick walk from the cabin. Please make sure to bring a swimsuit and slippers, although if you forget with the excitement of the day, don't worry you can rent your swimsuit there. With so many emotions, you are sure to have an appetite. Tonight, you will enjoy dinner at the Kiela restaurant in Salla Tuvat. Then return to your cabin after a day of magical experiences to rest and remember the moments lived. It is the ideal time to share the experience (all cabins have free Wi-Fi). 


salla navidad safari en motos de nieve


Day 3 (12/25) Salla - Snowmobile safari.

Spend this Christmas day in Lapland, full of unique moments and activities. After having a full buffet breakfast at the Kiela restaurant in the Salla Tuvat complex, you will head over to your exciting excursion. Today you will be riding through snowy forests and frozen lakes on powerful snowmobiles. After being given equipment to protect you from the cold, you will receive safety instructions and information on how to handle the snowmobile. For the peace of mind of the parents, the little ones will enjoy the snowmobile safari in a sled pulled by the guide’s snowmobile. At one point during the ride and you will take a break to have a hot drink around a bonfire. After this unforgettable experience it’s time for lunch at the Kiela restaurant. Spend the afternoon at your leisure. We recommend that you head over to the Salla ski resort that is only a few minutes away from the complex. You can buy a ski pass for the afternoon, as well as renting anything you may need. You will make the most out of your pass since there are never any lines for the ski lifts.  Today's dinner will be at the Kiela restaurant. The restaurant is a member of "Chaîne des Rôtisseurs", a renowned French gastronomic society that nurtures and supports the local food culture and pays homage to the national cuisine. In 2008 Kiela Restaurant was awarded its Seal of Excellence in recognition of the high quality of food and service. Perhaps on the way to your cabin you can see the Northern Lights…


salla navidad safari trineo de huskies


Day 4 (12/26) Salla - Sledding Lead by Huskies, Ice Fishing, Movies, and Dinner in Kota

The adventures continue today after a delicious buffet breakfast. Head out to the husky farm and meet all the excited huskies that will be taking you on a sled ride today. When the time comes and after receiving advice on how to enjoy this experience safely, you will become a master musher of a real husky dog sled. Of course, driving a husky sled through the snowy forests of Salla is one of the best experiences you can have on a trip to Lapland. Today you will have lunch like authentic Samis, enjoy a delicious hot soup and roasted sausages around a bonfire in the middle of the forest. Then continue with the traditions of the land by practicing ice fishing and Lappish lasso throwing. After a day of new experiences, you will return to your accommodation where you can rest and enjoy an authentic Finnish sauna in your private cabin. An afternoon of cinema and popcorn awaits us, which begins aboard a Lappish train, in which the wagons are sledges and the locomotive is a snowmobile, to lead us to the auditorium (about 3 miles from the Kiela restaurant), where a film will be played for all and will allow you to discover a magical world. Continuing with our Lappish day, at dinner time, we will move to a wooden kota to taste a very special dinner, based on rich local products. During the evening, our Sami hosts will tell us old stories and local traditions of shamans. An unforgettable dinner during which the Northern Lights may make an appearance. Return to your cabin to rest and replenish energy for the next day.

salla navidad safari trineo de renos


Day 5 (12/27) Salla - Reindeer Sleigh, Snowshoes, and Mini Snowmobiles

A new day dawns in Lapland full of unique moments and activities. After a delicious buffet breakfast, you will go to the nearby reindeer farm (5 minutes from your cabin) to learn in detail about the way of life of the reindeer from their Lappish herders. Then you will have a relaxing ride in a sleigh pulled by a reindeer through the beautiful snowy forest. During the activity, we will visit where the females that are pregnant during the winter are kept, as well as some calves that are not yet old enough to pull the sleds. We can feed them by hand and spend some time with them. Next, we will carry out a fun activity, which both adults and children will enjoy; a snowshoe trip through the snowy Lappish forest. After all that fun you will be able to enjoy lunch in a Sami kota, which is a typical Sami (Lapp) tents with a shape similar to teepees / American Indian tents. With so many emotions, you are sure to have an appetite. Tonight, you will enjoy dinner at the Kiela restaurant in Salla Tuvat. Then return to your cabin after a day of magical experiences, to rest.


salla navidad


Day 6 (12/28) Salla - Kuusamo - Spain.

Last day in Lapland. After enjoying the buffet breakfast at the Kiela restaurant, departure to Ruka, near the Kuusamo airport, where you will enjoy free time to spend shopping, having lunch, etc. At the indicated time, continue to the Kuusamo airport for your direct flight to Spain. During the flight you will enjoy a snack / dinner on board with a drink included. Arrival and end of the trip.

salla navidad cabañas viajes a laponia

Sallatunturin Tuvat Cabins:

  • One bedroom cabin (34-48 m²): A room bedroom with 2 beds and a separate living room with a double sofa bed and a fireplace. Equipped with heating, TV, radio, sauna, washing machine, dryer, bathroom with shower and full kitchen with fridge. Distance from Kiela Restaurant: 100-200 meters (approx).
  • Two bedroom cabins (45 m²): Consist of 2 double bedrooms, a separate living room with a double sofa bed and a fireplace. Equipped with heating, TV, radio, sauna, washing machine, dryer, WC with shower and full kitchen with fridge. Reception distance: 500 meters (approx.)
  • Two bedroom cabins (75 m²): Consist of 2 double rooms and a separate living room with a double sofa bed and a fireplace. Equipped with heating, TV, radio, sauna, washing machine, dryer, 2 toilets, 1 shower and full kitchen with fridge. Distance from Kiela Restaurant 100-200 m.
  • Three room cabins (99 m²): They consist of 3 double bedrooms, a separate living room with a double sofa bed and a fireplace. Equipped with heating, TV, radio, sauna, washing machine, dryer, WC with shower and full kitchen with fridge. Reception distance: 500 meters (approx.)
  • Cabin Suite (147 m²): Unique 2-storey cabin consisting of 3 double bedrooms and a separate living room with a double sofa bed and fireplace. Equipped with heating, TV, radio, sauna, jacuzzi, washer, dryer, 3 toilets, 1 shower and full kitchen with fridge. Distance from Kiela Restaurant 100 m.
  • Four Bedroom Cabin (175 m²): Wonderful and unique cabin with 2 floors, 4 double bedrooms, separate living room with fireplace. Equipped with heating, TV, radio, sauna, washing machine, dryer, 3 toilets, jacuzzi, shower and full kitchen with fridge. Distance from Kiela Restaurant: 100 m.

viaje laponia papa noel salla navidad 2015


Programa del 23 al 28 diciembre 2022


Familia Cabaña Precio
1 adultos + 1 niño 34m2 4499€
1 adultos + 2 niños 34m2 6179€
2 adultos 34m2 4889€
2 adultos + 1 niño 34m2 6559€
2 adultos + 2 niños 34m2 8099€
2 adultos + 2 niños 45m2 8359€
2 adultos + 3 niños 45m2 9989€
3 adultos + 2 niños 45m2 10389€
2 adultos + 2 niños 75m2 8549€
2 adultos + 3 niños 75m2 10179€
3 adultos + 2 niños 75m2 10579€
2 adultos + 3 niños 99m2 10369€
3 adultos + 2 niños 99m2 10769€
2 adultos + 4 niños 99m2 11999€
3 adultos + 3 niños 99m2 12429€
Condiciones de cancelación
hasta el 31 de agosto, Sin gastos (solo seguros opcionales contratados
del 01 de septiembre al 30 de septiembre, 15%
del 01 de octubre al 31 de octubre, 25%
del 01 de noviembre hasta 22 días antes, 50%
desde 21 días hasta 8 días antes, 75%
menos de 7 días antes del viaje, 100%

En caso de cancelación de la operación por motivos sanitarios (Covid-19) debido a la imposibilidad de entrada a Finlandia o salida de España no habrá gastos de cancelación.

Contacta con nosotros para más información

Fechas Navidad 2022

  • 23 al 28 de Diciembre

Salidas desde

  • Madrid
  • Barcelona

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Esta gran experiencia #Papanoelenlaponia incluye...

Vuelo directo España
Snack con bebidas
Compensación huella CO2
Guía habla castellana
Todos los traslados
Traje térmico toda la estancia
Incluye botas y mono térmico
Casco y guantes motonieve
5 noches en cabaña
Pensión completa (según itinerario)
Desayuno buffet diario Restaurante Kiela
1 Almuerzo Restaurante Kiela
2 almuerzos excursiones renos y huskies
1 almuerzo durante día visita a Santa Claus
4 cenas en Restaurante Kiela
1 cena especial de productos locales en kota estrellada
Encuentro privado Santa Claus en su cabaña secreta de Salla
1 regalo de Santa Claus por niño
Paseo en trineo de renos
Minimotonieve para niños
Juegos lapones
Safari motos de nieve
Paseo en trineo de huskies
Pesca en el hielo
Raquetas de nieve
Material necesario para actividades
Sesión de cine
Limpieza inicial y final de la cabaña
1 Entrada al Spa 
Completa documentación viaje
Pack regalo de bienvenida
Seguro de asistencia en viaje
Tasas de aeropuerto
Seguro de anulación
Experiencia PNEL®

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Horarios de los vuelos directos

Salida desde Madrid

  • 23 Dic. Mad-Kuusamo 09:00 15:00 h
  • 28 Dic. Kuusamo-Mad 16:00 20:15 h

Salida desde Barcelona

  • 23 Dic. Bcn-Kuusamo 11:00 17:00 h
  • 28 Dic. Kuusamo-Bcn 16:00 19:50 h

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Pack regalo de bienvenida:

  • Guantes
  • 2 pares de calcetines térmicos
  • Gorro tipo pasamontañas

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Te interesará leer...

  • Niño hasta 13 años cumplidos
  • 5% dto. familias numerosas
  • Tarifa exclusiva monoparental
  • Descuento niños de 2 a 3 años
  • El orden de las excursiones puede variar con respecto al indicado en este itinerario para facilitar la operatividad del viaje o por motivos climatológicos y para mayor comodidad de los pasajeros. No así el contenido que será el especificado.
  • Los precios de las excursiones en motos y trineos están basados en dos personas compartiendo el vehículo, una conduce la motonieve y otra como pasajero. Se realizan paradas durante el trayecto donde los pasajeros pueden intercambiar su posición.
  • La edad mínima para conducir las motos de nieve es 18 años.
  • Durante la excursión en motos de nieve, los menores viajan en un trineo según indicado en itinerario.
  • Para poder conducir una moto de nieve es obligatorio estar en posesión de carnet de conducir de coche o moto (más de 125 cc válido en Europa.
  • Todas las motos de nieve disponen de un seguro a todo riesgo, con una franquicia de 1 000 de la que cada participante es responsable en caso de accidente Los guías informan al respecto durante las excursiones. 
  • Debido a la idiosincrasia propia de esta región ártica y sus condiciones climáticas tan particulares, la empresa organizadora no puede garantizar a priori las condiciones de nieve y hielo óptimas para la realización de las actividades. En caso de que alguna causa de fuerza mayor no permitiese la realización total o parcial de alguna actividad y esta debiera ser anulada o reducida por falta de nieve o hielo, se realizará una actividad alternativa o bien se reembolsará el importe de la misma.

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