Experience the magic at Apukka Resort

Apukka Resort is located on the outskirts of Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, just above the imaginary line of the Arctic Circle. Only about 6 km away is the Santa Claus Village, where Santa's house, the post office, etc... are located. A perfect place to explore on a snowmobile, take sleigh rides... and meet Santa Claus himself.

Approximate price per family:
10410 $

The Santa Claus in Lapland® team offers you a wonderful trip to Lapland, a sensational experience that will awaken all your senses, a trip to the country of Christmas where you can live exciting adventures in the Arctic Circle in contact with the most amazing nature. Traveling to Lapland is much more than a trip, it is an adventure in search of happiness. We are experts in trips to Lapland with children, specialists in one of the most surprising destinations on the planet and we offer you the best service, the most complete information and the best guarantees. Welcome to Lapland!



Day 1. Spain / Rovaniemi

Presentation at the airport. Meeting with Catai staff who will help you with the simple billing procedures. Departure by special direct flight to Rovaniemi. Snack on board included. Meeting with our guide and transfer to the Apukka Resort. Arrival. Collection of thermal suits that we can use during the entire stay in Lapland. Once installed we will taste a delicious dinner in the hotel restaurant. Accommodation.

Day 2. Rovaniemi. Ice fishing with snowshoes and skis night excursion

Breakfast buffet at the hotel. We will start our adventure in Lapland with a day full of activities. Today we will feel a little more Finnish as we can try our luck ice fishing on a frozen lake. We'll head to the lake just like the Finns do, with snowshoes and cross-country skis. Once we have entered the lake, it is time to make a hole in the ice and lower the rod with the bait. While we wait for luck, we can sit on the ice enjoying a hot drink and learn how to make a fire in the middle of this arctic landscape. Light lunch in restaurant. Free afternoon to enjoy the free activities offered by the accommodation: snowshoes, cross-country skis or sleds to throw ourselves from a hill will be within our reach (always subject to availability). Dinner at hotel's restaurant. After dinner we will take a snow train to look for the northern lights, away from the artificial lights. We cross the beautiful snowy landscape to reach a traditional “kota”. Around the bonfire we will enjoy some hot drinks. Our aurora expert will help us with camera settings to best capture the Northern Lights. Since the Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon, no one can be 100% guaranteed to see them, but this trip presents an excellent opportunity.

Day 3. Rovaniemi. Fun and speed on the ice: ice karts and Santa Claus Holiday Village

Breakfast buffet at the hotel. We put on our thermal gear again because another day full of adventures awaits us today. Ice karting is great arctic fun. With an ice covered lake with a marked track we will be ready to see who is the best driver on a slippery platform. All participants will have approximately 20 minutes to demonstrate their skills. Children will enjoy a mini-skidoo track next to the go-kart track. In a safe environment, with the help of our guides, children will have the opportunity to try snowmobiling on their special track. Among the activities, hot drinks with biscuits and sausages will be served around a bonfire.

Light lunch in restaurant. The best way to end the day will be to visit the Santa Claus Village, which is the home of Santa Claus, where you can find different exhibitions, activities, restaurants, cafes, designer shops, souvenirs and much more. After meeting Santa, you can take a photo of yourself crossing the Arctic Circle or send a postcard home from Santa's main post office. Dinner at hotel's restaurant. Accommodation.

Day. 4 Rovaniemi. Arctic animals: huskies and reindeer

Breakfast buffet at the hotel. After a short walk to the husky camp, we'll learn what life is like for arctic dogs and go on a walk with these charming animals. Riding a sled pulled by huskies is one of the most exciting arctic activities. Return to the hotel and light lunch in a restaurant. Later we will continue to a reindeer farm and try the most traditional form of transportation in Lapland: a reindeer sled.

The reindeer herder will take us on a tour of approximately half an hour, where we can enjoy the winter nature that surrounds us. This walk is ideal to enjoy the snowy landscape, take photos and record videos. After the walk we have an excellent opportunity to test our skills as reindeer herders. The traditional "suopunki" lasso is the most important tool for catching reindeer. There is a certain technique to it and we will surely learn quickly. Rest of the afternoon free to enjoy the snow and the activities offered by the hotel. Dinner at hotel's restaurant. Accommodation.

Day 5. Rovaniemi. snowmobile safari

Breakfast buffet at the hotel. After collecting the necessary material, departure to the base of the snowmobiles. The guides will give us the instructions on driving the snowmobiles and we will go out on these powerful machines through the frozen river and the snowy forests. The children travel in the special sleigh pulled by the guide's snowmobile. Perfect combination to admire nature and let yourself be invaded by silence. After the exciting drive through the snowy forests, we stop for a moment to enjoy the silence and beauty of arctic nature. An outdoor cup of coffee has never tasted so good! Undoubtedly one of the most authentic and exciting experiences that can be done in Lapland, and that we will soon forget. Lunch at the hotel restaurant. Afternoon free to enjoy the hotel facilities or to visit the center of Rovaniemi (it is located 15 minutes away by public transport). In Rovaniemi, Lordi Square stands out, the square renamed in June 2006 in honor of Lordi's victory in the Eurovision Song Contest or take a walk along the Kemi River. They can also take the opportunity to do some shopping in their stores or shopping malls. Dinner at hotel's restaurant. Accommodation.

Day 6. Rovaniemi / Spain

Breakfast buffet. Free time until the indicated time for the transfer. You can enjoy the snow or the hotel facilities. We advise you to practice a totally Finnish activity: The sauna (subject to reservation and availability). You are welcome to visit the sauna of 3 types: Wood Sauna, Electric Sauna and Ice Sauna. We will also be able to book an outdoor heated sauna + jacuzzi experience. A way to get into the heart of Finnish culture. It's time to say goodbye to Lapland. Take the last breaths of fresh air and save the magical moments in our minds where they will last forever as an unforgettable trip. Transfer to Rovaniemi airport. Check-in procedures and direct flight departure to Spain. Snack on board included. Arrival and end of our adventure in Lapland.

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Apukka Resort

Located north of the Arctic Circle, next to a large lake, just a 15-minute drive from Rovaniemi and 10 minutes from the airport, Apukka Resort is an ideal place to see the Northern Lights away from the light pollution of the city from mid from August to the end of April. You can even see the sky over the ice in winter.


Accommodation in Kammi Suite

A new accommodation to delve into history. Since the time when nomadic reindeer herders roamed the plains of Lapland, the kammi have provided shelter and comfort. In Apukka, they have wanted to join these ancient traditions with modern innovations to build these luxurious suites. The Kammi Suite are authentic, ecological and full of stories from the past. They have a double bed (with 360º views of the sky), dining room, equipped kitchen, private bathroom with shower and toilet, electric fireplace, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, convertible sofa bed.


Navidad - 23 de diciembre desde Madrid 


Familia Precio
1 adulto + 1 niño 10410€
1 adulto + 2 niños 12780€
2 adultos 10460€
2 adultos + 1 niño 12810€
2 adultos + 2 niños 15160€
Fin de Año - 28 de diciembre desde Barcelona


Familia Precio
1 adulto + 1 niño 10350€
1 adulto + 2 niños 12670€
2 adultos 10380€
2 adultos + 1 niño 12700€
2 adultos + 2 niños 15030€

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Esta gran experiencia #Papanoelenlaponia incluye...

Vuelo directo desde Madrid - 23 diciembre
Vuelo directo desde Barcelona - 28 diciembre
Guías acompañante en destino
Todos los traslados
Traje térmico toda la estancia
5 noches de alojamiento en Kammi Suite en Apukka Resort
Limpieza diaria del alojamiento
Salida 23 diciembre: Incluye cenas especiales de Nochebuena y Navidad
Salida 28 diciembre: Incluye cena especial de Nochevieja
Pensión completa según itinerario
Visita Santa Claus Holiday Village
Paseo en trineo de renos
Safari motos de nieve
Excursión trineo de huskies
Pesca en el hielo con raquetas de nieve
Esquís excursión nocturna
Diversión y velocidad en el hielo
Completa documentación online
Seguro de asistencia en viaje y regalos
Tasas de aeropuerto
Experiencia PNEL®


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Horarios de los vuelos desde Madrid

  • 23/12/2022 Madrid 09:10 Rovaniemi 15:10
  • 28/12/2022 Rovaniemi 15:40 Madrid 19:40

Horarios de los vuelos desde Barcelona

  • 28/12/2022 Barcelona 09:00 Rovaniemi 14:40
  • 02/01/2023 Rovaniemi 16:00 Barcelona 19:35

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Te interesará leer...

  • Los precios de las excursiones en motos y trineos están basados en dos personas compartiendo el vehículo, haciendo una parada a mitad de camino en la que los pasajeros pueden intercambiar la posición de conducción e incluyen equipo térmico: mono térmico, guantes o manoplas, botas. Así como pasamontañas y casco para safaris de motos.
  • La edad mínima para conducir las motos de nieve es 18 años, los niños de edad inferior irán, en función de su peso y estatura, en un trineo que arrastra la moto nieve del guía. Es obligatorio estar en posesión de carnet de conducir de coche, válido en Europa, para poder conducir las motos de nieve y llevarlo en el momento de la excursión.
  • Debido a las condiciones climatológicas (o de nieve o hielo acumulado) y por razones de seguridad, las excursiones pueden sufrir cambios de itinerarios, duración o incluso cancelaciones sin previo aviso. Cuando el tamaño del grupo es muy grande, éste puede verse dividido en varios grupos menores, siendo de este modo la operativa más simple y cómoda para los pasajeros. Por lo tanto el horario u orden de los servicios en las excursiones puede verse alterado por este motivo, sin modificar el contenido global de la excursión. Sus guías en destino les informarán con antelación de los horarios de sus excursiones.
  • Todas las motos de nieve disponen de un seguro a todo riesgo, con una franquicia de 1.000.-€, de la que cada participante es responsable en caso de accidente.
  • Fumar en los alojamientos en los que no está permitido conlleva multas elevadas.
  • El cliente es responsable de las llaves de las cabañas, en caso de pérdida se solicitará una indemnización.
  • El organizador no garantiza las condiciones climatológicas, de nieve o hielo acumulado para poder realizar las excursiones o safaris ofertados. En caso de que causas de fuerza mayor no permitan la realización de alguna excursión y ésta deba ser anulada, se realizará una actividad alternativa o bien se reembolsará el importe de la misma al regreso; ya sea íntegro si la actividad se debe cancelar o parcial en caso de reducción si las condiciones no permiten su realización completa.
  • El orden (no así el contenido) de las excursiones puede variar con respecto a este itinerario.
  • 5 noches de alojamiento en Kammi Suite en Apukka Resort. Pensión completa (con jarra de agua incluida), excepto el almuerzo del último día según especificado en el programa. Desayunos buffet, almuerzos ligeros y cenas en el hotel.
  • Salida 23 diciembre: Incluye cenas especiales de Nochebuena y Navidad.
  • Salida 28 diciembre: Incluye cena especial de Nochevieja.
  • Limpieza diaria del alojamiento.
  • Todas las actividades, excursiones y safaris según programa (dos personas por moto de nieve o trineo).
  • Raquetas, esquís y trineos a su disposición durante la estancia (sujeto a disponibilidad del hotel).

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